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What Is Your Aesthetic?

Your aesthetic is your total look. The impression you give to the world. As stylists, our job is to help you reach the vision you have for your style goals.

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What Is Your Aesthetic

Your hairstyle allows you to be creative. It speaks for you. It lets everyone know, "This is me, who I am, and the image I have of myself." It plays a part in first impressions. You can accessorize it, color it, make it trendy, be bold, or sleek, and any other combination of aesthetic. Hair is so versatile.

Our job as stylists is to listen. We want to give you the attainable look you desire to have. We keep in mind things such as career, hobbies, time, and effort in order to keep a realistic goal for you.

Some careers keep us from having certain hair colors, cuts, and styles. We can accommodate for that and help you determine how to achieve a certain style goal. We can subdue certain colors to keep you professional looking while maintaining your own personal style. We have the ability to cut your hair in a way for you to keep it sleek and professional one day and dramatic on the weekends.

Fashion plays a huge role in current trends. The fashion industry dictates what the current trends are. When you enter a salon, typically you notice all the stylists are dressed up, hair done, and in a fashion-forward way. We got into this industry because we have a passion for aesthetics.

Whether you want a permed mullet, curtain bangs, bright fashion colors, or a simple bob, we are here to help! Come on in and talk to us about your aesthetic goals.


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