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Thank you for considering being a model for House of Holloway Salon!

House of Holloway offers reduced prices or even complimentary services to our models!

Sometimes our stylists have learned a new technique or we've received a new product or color that they are itching to try out. Mannequins never give accurate or consistent results and we prefer to use live models.

We also use live models during our probation period for new talent that we've hired. Our probation period is where our new stylists work on friends, family & models to show that they meet House of Holloway's expectations. They have auditioned for us already & proven that they can do hair, and this time allows them to settle in & get a feel for what our clients have come to expect from us.

Model Requirements & Info

  • You will be notified of any fees related to your service at time of booking. If the service is complimentary, it is still customary to tip your stylist.

  • Depending on the reason for the need of a model, your hair type, color, length, etc. must be suitable for the service being performed.

  • The model service that you are scheduled for is the service that you will receive! We ask for a bit of creative freedom & will do our best to work in small details that you might like to see, but generally, we are looking to perform a fairly specific service. If you decide you would like something different, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment for a time when that model service is needed.

  • Additional services may be requested during your visit, but must be specified at time of scheduling or if time allows during your already scheduled visit. Additional services requested will be charged at normal rates.

  • If you are scheduled to be a model & do not show up for your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will lose any future model opportunities.

  • You are welcome to bring a friend or family member along to your model appointment, but please keep it to only 1 person as our seating s limited for guests not receiving services.

  • As part of being a model, you may be asked to allow before & after pictures, post pics on your own social media & tag us, leave a review if you are happy with your experience or take a brief survey so that we know how the experience was for you & what we can improve upon.

  • There may be times where a model service is no longer needed. Doing complimentary services or drastically reduced rate services is very expensive for the salon, and we only do these when they are needed. Sometimes our stylists accomplish what they need to before we can get to all scheduled models. In the event that this happens, we will do our best to give you as much notification as possible and offer another model service if available. We reserve the right to cancel model appointments for any reason!

Thank you!

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