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Throughout the years the beauty industry has involved immensely, with new technologies and methods constantly being developed. As a consumer, it can be difficult to know which services are actually worth trying and how the different options compare to one another. Today we’re going to explain what the difference is between a traditional lash lift and our new service: InLei® Lash Filler. Let us explain why we’re so excited to be offering this new service!


In order to understand how far we’ve come and how much the technology has improved, we have to look at where we began: the standard lash lift. A standard lash lift works very much like a perm for your hair does. A lotion is applied to your lashes to soften them and break down the chemical bonds in the hair. This is done so that the lashes can be shaped and curled. Then a second lotion is applied to set the lashes in place, this step ensures that they maintain their new shape. While this method is beautiful and effective, it definitely leaves room for improvement and innovation, that’s where Lash Filler comes in.


InLei® Lash Filler

InLei® takes the standard lash lift process and fine-tunes it to provide an even better long-term experience for clients. This process is called a “lash filler” because not only does it lift your lashes like the standard lash lift, but it actually helps your lashes to be more plump, thick, and nourished as you come in for more treatments. InLei® Lash Filler is the only treatment in the world clinically proven to thicken the lash hair, increasing thickness by an average of 24% in just three sessions.


Why We Made the Switch to InLei®

at House of Holloway, we believe in providing the best quality products for our clients and continuing to educate ourselves in order to keep up with the best beauty techniques available. We decided to make the switch to InLei® for our lash lifts for many reasons.


Improves Client’s Natural Lashes

The first reason is the benefit it provides to clients: as mentioned, after just three sessions clients will experience up to 24% thicker lashes. In addition to increased lash thickness, the natural lash curl will also increase with just one session.

Made from High-Quality Italian Ingredients

InLei® products are made using the highest quality ingredients available. The products are made and tested rigorously in Italy, which is known for its high standards and stringent quality regulations.

By Far the Best Lash Lift Available

As lash professionals we believe this is a far superior product to anything else out there in terms of lash lift. This process is just as beautiful and effective as a standard lash lift, but is also much gentler on the lashes, it improves the quality of the lashes over time, and it’s made with the best ingredients possible to ensure a safe and effective lash lift experience. 

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