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Curl Transformation


A lot of people struggle with frizzy, unruly curls. Similarly, people struggle with which products to use and how to style their curly hair. Curl Transformations are your answer!

*All prices are base cost. Price increases with the length and density of the hair. 

Dry curly cut- $40

this does not include a wash and style, and the hair needs to be down, detangled, and dry when you come In.

Curly cut with wash and diffuse- $60

Come with your hair how you normally style it.

Curl transformation- $80

includes a customized curly cut, a hair detox; which thoroughly cleanses your hair and scalp to rid build up, while helping to enhance your curls natural shine, as well as definition. Cut and wash is followed by a diffuse style.

During the service, we will be educating you on how to care for your curls at home so you can achieve the same, consistent results. We will encourage you to take home the necessary products to recreate the style that lasts.

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