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Hair Salons and COVID- How safe am I?

COVID. It's the hottest topic at every dinner table, every Facebook conversation, and every salon chair. For good reason, people are scared of it. They're scared to go out. Scared to go to Thanksgiving dinner with family. And scared to go to the salon or barbershop.

Prior to directed health measures (DHM), we were sanitizing our salon stations, cleaning our combs and brushes after every client, using neck strips on our clients with their capes; cleanliness was a staple in every salon. After the DHM we stopped reusing capes, sanitized more, social distanced in the salon, provided hand sanitizer to our clients, wore masks and require our customers to do the same, the list goes on...

The following is a check off list for ourselves and our customers' safety.

• Clean and disinfect all workstation surfaces and tools between clients.

• Limit the sharing of materials such as clipboards, pens, or touchscreens, if possible.

• Disinfect clipboards, pens, touchscreens, and counters after each client.

• Use devices that do not require the worker to handle client credit and debit cards.

• Provide workers adequate time and access to soap, clean water, and a way for people to dry hands for handwashing.

• Clean and disinfect the following items between each client:

◦ Styling chairs, hair washing sinks, massage tables, credit card devices, keypads, and other items

that clients routinely touch.

◦ All non-porous multi-use tools, such as shears, clippers, nippers, brushes, combs, etc.

• Clean and disinfect the following areas or items on a routine basis or at least daily: Countertops, doorknobs, toilets (including handles), tables, light switches, phones, faucets,

bathroom sinks, keyboards, etc.

According to the CDC, in July 139 clients were exposed to 2 stylists who had COVID. Of those 139 clients, none of them tested positive for the virus. The article concluded that face masks mitigated the spread of the virus. Read Full Article Here

Rest assured; you are safe in our salon and in our hands. We want your visit to our salon to be a pleasant and relaxing one. If you have any concerns or special requests, Feel free to call ahead and we can happily accommodate.


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