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How Do I Care For My Curly Hair?

You've dealt with your frizzy, unruly, stressed out tresses for so long now that you're about to give up on it all and accept your fate that you'll never find any answers...

You just did!

You just found exactly what you've been looking for!

* Photo and Curl Transformation by Bri Church*


Welcome to Curly Talk! By now, if you've been on TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter, you're likely seeing curly trends all over those platforms. The "Plop" method, The Denman Brush, Shea Moisture and the works. While a lot of what is stirred up on the internet is great content, entertaining, and educational; as a professional hairstylist I am here to set the record straight about curly hair!

Let me give you some of my background. I have done a lot of extracurricular education and training in regards to curly hair. You may or may not know about Deva Curl products. You may or may not know about their lawsuit. For me, I don't much care about the drama of it all. What I do care about is RESULTS. After learning the Deva Curl method of cutting curly hair, what products to use for taking care of curly hair, the science behind curly hair, and styling curly hair my clientele exploded. I had people driving 2 hours or more just to come get the Curly Hair Experience.

The biggest part of the Curly Hair Experience is the education. In order to achieve the best results at home I will spend the time during the services to explain exactly why I am doing what I am doing and what products work best and why. Sure, I can do what I can for you while you're sitting in my salon chair and send you on your way but, I want you to be able to recreate this back at home. I want you to love your curls. I want you to understand your curls. I want you to understand which products work best for your curls! I will give you the knowledge to take that back home with you and you'll never go back to the frizzy, messy, weird curls again.


I am a big product junkie. I do not subscribe to the idea that one brand is better than the other. If something works, I use it! So, that being said, I will use some of Deva Curl products but, mostly just their styling products. I love Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner. One of my fellow stylists love to use Ouidad. Another stylist swears by Biolage. Regardless of brand, we will find what works best for you and your curls.

By now you're probably excited to take the leap and give it a try. With winter being here now our hair is drying out at a high rate of speed which is AWFUL for curls but, it's all the more reason to come on in! I encourage you to call House of Holloway and set up a consultation with Laura Hawk or Bri Church and we will happily get you in as soon as possible.

The phone number is 402-423-3616. We can't wait to meet you and get you set on the right path to beautiful, curly hair!


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